The Mama behind Collectively Divine

Divine Mama of 4. Founder. CEO. Life Coach.

I am Taylor Lanae Simpson, divine mama of four children, founder and CEO of Divine Cleaning and Collectively Divine, located in Modesto, CA. Initially established as a property preservation endeavor, Divine Cleaning swiftly transformed into a highly successful residential and commercial cleaning company. Its remarkable growth seemed almost like an overnight achievement.

During the three-plus weeks when my children and I were battling a severe virus, I sought ways to disinfect my home without resorting to harsh chemicals. During my research, I discovered that some of the products I had been using both for my business and personal use were greenwashed - deceptively marketed as eco-friendly.

I began delving into research and testing different formulations, leading me to develop my own line of cleaning products. These products are plant-based, highly effective, and enriched with carefully crafted blends of essential oils created to inspire overall sense of well-being.